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Call me crazy, but when I’m all caught up in recording my thoughts in my journal, I feel a sense of peace that whispers, “Go ahead.  You’ve recorded everything up to now.  Go out and find something else to write about.”

This week I realized I was about four days behind in journaling.  I looked through my date book for things to refresh my memory and started to write.  Some of it just outlined what I’d accomplished on those particular days.  Some of it included news of the day.  Some of it recorded my Evidences of God.  There were also recordings of things my kids or grandkids had to say.  It didn’t take long.  I type my journal because my handwriting can’t keep up with my thoughts.  When I finished, I  felt like I had completed something very important.  It wasn’t that the content was all that important, but there was a sense of importance in the fact that I had made a record of my days.

Isn’t THAT important?

How else will anyone know we existed if we don’t keep a record?

All They’ll Need To Know

All They'll Need To Know