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I love quotes by Emerson.     My business, Emerson Publications, was named for my grandfather, Emerson Raymond Moseley.  He was born in 1897, and when his mother told her father that they’d named him Raymond, he said, “Oh, no, this child needs a more important name.  Why don’t you name him Emerson?”   So Emerson was tacked on to the front of Raymond, or at least that’s the way Grandpa always told the story.   I love the name, and have such a connection to my grandfather, that it seemed right to name the business after him.   I didn’t know much about  Ralph Waldo Emerson until college, but in taking a philosophy class, learned that I loved the way he said things.  Here are a few quotes that really speak to me.  Please share any of yours in the comments area.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”  (Law of Attraction!)


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”  (Amen to that!)

“None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.”  (We do need to listen to the whisperings of the spirit to guide us in the direction we should go.)

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased.”   (Practice makes perfect!)

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