Need a Meal in a Hurry?

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I had a busy day yesterday and treated myself to a nice nap.  Usually, I set the timer for 15 minutes for a power nap, but not today.  I slept until my body was ready to wake up.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t really planned anything for dinner, so at 5:30, I started to think about it.

Fortunately for me, I have some shelf stable meals that allow me to throw something together in a hurry.  Hubby and I decided that chili sounded good, even though the temperature outside wasn’t official chili weather!

I had canned or bottled ground beef, so that’s what got it started.    I added the spices, tomatoes, and canned beans.  All I had to do after that was wait about 30 minutes for it to all simmer together.  I set the timer, went back to work, and in 30 minutes, dinner was ready.

My friend, Stephanie, compiled a spreadsheet with meals for her family for 90 days.    Everything in these recipes can be grabbed off the shelf.   I’m really enjoying having the bottled ground beef and sausage when it’s just too late to thaw anything from the freezer.  Check it out, and say a private “thank you” to Stephanie!  If you see meals that you don’t think your family would eat, just substitute that page with one of your family favorites.  Remember to allow for any food sensitivities or allergies!   (For more information on that, listen to what Dr. Chase Hayden has to say about that on the All You Need to Know Radio Show, part of the Preparedness Radio Network!

Shelf Stable Meals – 3 months supply

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