Will You Ever Be Hungry Enough?

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I’m interviewing Megan Smith today on my Blog Talk Radio Show. Just learned today that my daughter has been following her for a long time and she’s super-impressed that I’m having her on the show. If you’re available in about 30 minutes, the show airs at 1 pm and you can call in and ask quetions. Otherwise, you can always follow the link later and listen to the recording 24/7.

Here goes:

Will I ever be hungry enough to eat our food storage? What if you could organize a plan that included familiar meals with the quick-fix meals that don’t require electricity? Joyce’s guest is Megan Smith and she’ll share her own family-tested food storage cookbook and organizational system. She’ll introduce a new online resource for anyone wanting to improve their food storage plan. Remember: You’re just wasting money if you’re storing foods that your family won’t eat.



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