72 Hour Kits for 2

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Crystal Abrahams has been a guest on my “All You Need to Know” show several times.  She’s one of my favorite guests.  

In one of our recent shows, she talked about using tubs to contain the food she would need for 72 hours.  She then uses another tub for the things she’d need for that 72 hour period – i.e., solar radio, hand crank flashlights, extra clothing, etc.

I went to my local Costco and bought a package of 3 11-gallon containers.  I thought they were a bit pricey at $11, but after a later trip to Walmart, discovered that the price was good for the quality of the containers.

Crystal has a list of items that she puts in her kits, but I had recently purchased some Mountain House meals that only require adding boiling water, and I decided to start there.  Since I needed kits for both myself and my husband, and because the tubs are really a little larger than I need for just one person, I put enough food in the tubs to feed TWO of us for 72 hours.   As of this writing, I have 6 tubs filled and ready for any emergency!  That means that two of us can survive 18 days with just what I have in these tubs. 

This is really for emergencies, and not long-term food storage.  I still have food on my shelves that is rotated as I cook my usual meals.





Here’s Crystal’s list of things she put into her own 1-person 72 hour kit:

Sugar (not a full 5#, but am refilling honey jars)
1 roll ppr towel taken from a 12-roll pack;
2 rolls toilet ppr;
2 two-lb cartons Chicken broth;
2 gallons of water (I know it should be three, but three won’t fit with everything else I want; plus, I keep a bigger tub that fits exactly six gallons in the trunk of the car 24/7);
1 plastic bottle of dollar store pure soybean oil to use to fry things in, since I may not have butter;
1 dollar store honey flavored syrup;
1 dollar store Parmesan Cheese (it’s Kraft!);
1 dollar store Mayo;
1 walmart salt & ppr, only 94 cents, cheaper than Dollar Store;
2 cans German Potato Salad (dollar store);
2 cans Spaghettios (Campbells, even though I got at DStore;
2 cans sliced beets, DS (lots of iron in them);
2 cans dole mandarin oranges, DS;
1 jar instant coffee, 1 ounce, refilled from a large jar into old jars I kept from camping;
Dollar store bag of rice, 1.5 lbs.;
1 pkg dog treats;
3 quart sized ziplocks with one day’s worth of dog food in each, taken from 40-lb bag with measuring cup;
1 pkg cat treats;
3 pouches cat food (they share 1 pouch a day);
3 tubs of Annie Chuns rice; can eat without microwaving, raw out of container because they’re pre-cooked (walmart);
3 cups Idahoan potatoes, single serving, add hot water, taken from flats of those I bought;
Ditto Kraft “cheesy made easy” single serving cups, taken from a 6-pack;
Dollar Store box of Denture Cleanser;
Dollar Store Triple Antibiotic Ointment;
Dollar Store first aid kit;
Dollar Store q-tips box (need for teeth);
Dollar Store matches, two-carton pkg;
Dollar Store Ibuprofen pain killer, 40 tab;
Travel sized Shampoo & Conditioner I got from Walmart travel section, 1.7 fl oz each;
Johnson’s baby powder from same section, because if I don’t shower daily I get a sore bottom!
Dollar store Dial deoderant;
10-pak of Kleenexes that I bought a large flat of, the little purse-sized ones.
Dollar Store Cocoa Butter hand lotion (my hands are always dry, and it drives me nuts if I don’t have lotion handy).
Purse sized Polident (Wally)
5-pack of dust masks (Wally, or maybe DS)
Travel size body wash/soap, Wally?

Bear in mind that all the things I only need one of (tools, clothes, radio, etc) are in my go bag.
All of that fits in a 10-gallon Rubbermaid Tub purchased for $4.99.

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