Dry Packing

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Today I spent some time opening bags of food and sealing them in glass jars.    Even if plastic containers have a good seal, air will still get through them and shorten the shelf life.  Just last week I opened a plastic container that was filled with lasagna noodles.  They smelled so bad that I had to throw the contents away!

I’ve been using my Food Saver with the attachment to pull the air out of the glass jars and have noticed a big difference in the freshness when the jars are opened.  I’ve gotten rid of all of my plastic containers and now use the Kerr or Ball canning jars for storing everything.    An added bonus to that is that Kerr jars are made in the USA!  Maybe Ball is, too, but my store only sells Kerr.

I’ve even been sealing opened crackers and chips in the jars!  Here in Houston the humidity is so high that everything gets stale in a hurry. (Putting crackers in the oven at about 200 degrees for a few minutes will help dry them out again, but you definitely can’t store crackers long term or they’ll get rancid.)    I’ve found that sealing the chow mein noodles without air works great!  Otherwise, we open a bag or can and have to throw out what we don’t eat.

I had food stored in a spare bedroom, but with the canning jars, I was able to line them all up on the tops of the upper cabinets in my kitchen.  It makes me feel good to look up and see the food there.  I can see that I have quite an assortment of nuts – pecans, walnuts, peanuts.  If we were in a situation without electricity, we would at least be able to snack on protein.

Get rid of the plastic if you want to preserve your food.   Plastic may have its place in our lives (debit cards come to mind!) but it’s not the best thing for extending the life of our food.  Grandma knew best.  She used glass.


When packing the walnuts, I cut the label from the bag and stuck it inside.  The 2# bag filled 4 quart jars, and the word “walnuts” was printed in 4 different places on the wrapper.  All I had to do was write the date on the top of the lid and the contents were already identified!


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