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All You Need to Know Show———————————————————-

If you’re not taking care of your body now, you’re creating your own personal disaster!

“Only the strong survive,” was a song released back in 1968 by Jerry Butler, but that
statement has never been more true. When health is good, we can deal with the events of our day with
relative ease, but when we’re sick or unhealthy, even getting out of bed and getting to the
bathroom can be a chore! We have got to take better care of ourselves NOW so that we
can take care of ourselves and our families if we’re placed in a disaster situation.

Crystal Abrahams is the author of the “2012 Survival Guide.” She’s one of my favorite
guests and has several areas in her book devoted to what we can do to be healthy so we can take care of ourselves.

Crystal is the one who told me about Dr. Betty Martini. I’ve just finished watching a
documentary on the effects of Aspartame, “Sweet Misery,” (see link below) and was
impressed with the work that Dr. Martini has done. I hope you’ll take the time to watch the video.

If you’re hooked on diet sodas, or other products containing this poison, please take the time to join us for the show and also research Dr. Martini’s sites.

Crystal Abrahams:
Sweet Misery
You can also learn more about Dr. Martini’s work, and Aspartame,

Join us! And invite a friend.

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