Cake Failure

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Well, it was bound to happen! I baked a yellow cake in the sun oven yesterday and it just didn’t rise like the chocolate cake did last week.

The reason? I think it’s because the skies were more overcast and there wasn’t as much direct sunlight.

I was a little disappointed, but the cake baked enough to be pretty tasty alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream! It was dense and moist, so you could almost pretend that it was a rich, pound cake!

Aside from that, I’m really glad that I’m using the sun oven NOW, because I’m learning what works and what doesn’t.

1. You’ve got to have SUN. That’s why they call it a SUN OVEN.

2. It doesn’t matter that the temperature outside is 100 degrees. Without SUN, you’ve not going to get the same results.

I think I’ve had way too much cake in the last week as a result of experimenting with the oven AND having family in town. I think I’ll take a break from the sweets this week and try a real meal or two.

On the topic of sweets, I hope you’ll listen to my August 9th radio show, All You Need to Know, and learn about the poisonous effects of aspartame.

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