Chicken & Rice

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Another busy day.  At 9 am I carried the sun oven outside.  It weighs less than 10 lbs. so it’s very easy to carry.

I filled one of the pans with brown rice and added water and a touch of pink Himalayan salt.

I placed three organic chicken breasts in the other pan and added a little water.

I put lids on both pots and placed them in the sun oven.  And then I completely forgot about them.

When I came home at 4 pm, it was all there on the front porch just waiting for me like a faithful puppy!

The thermometer gauge showed the temp was about 150 degrees.  I’m sure it reached higher temps during the day because it was sunny, but the oven was now in the shade.  I removed the cover, took the lids off the pots, and was comforted with the wonderful smell of chicken broth.

This is the brown rice.  It’s so much fluffier when cooked in the sun than in a pot on my stove.  I’ll bet hubby will hardly notice it’s nutritious!





I’ll be the first to say that this doesn’t look very appetizing, but I cooked it without any sauces because I wanted to see how tender it would be on its own.  I used to cook a chicken recipe where it was smothered in cream of chicken soup, sour cream, milk, and cheddar cheese.   I decided today that I could cook that on the side and pour over it if I wanted to.  Just not sure I want or need to at this point!



At 5 pm, it is still 100 degrees outside.  It’s the kind of heat that makes your skin feel like it’s burning after just a few minutes.  I think I’ll leave the heat outside and keep the kitchen cool.  I love my sun oven!

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