What to Do With 50# of Flour

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It seems that in August our local warehouse stores start carrying 50# bags of bread flour.  For the past few years, I’ve bought the bag and then divided the flour into about ten food-grade plastic containers.   I don’t usually use plastic for storing food, but honestly, there’s no nutritional value to this flour to start with so it doesn’t go bad!  The reason I divide it up is to make it easier to work with.

This year, in the middle of August, I realize that I have quite a bit of the white stuff left!  I haven’t been making as much bread, and when I do, I’m using a higher ratio of whole wheat to the white.


While organizing my food storage today, I found that I was able to line up the jars of flour on top of the upper cabinets in the kitchen.  We are blessed to have two small kitchens because our living space is actually two apartments joined together!  We live on one side and my office is on the other.  Works out pretty well for us.

When I pack the flour, I write the date on the lid.  As I use it, I put the empty container back so it can be refilled.  The first time I did it, I used the plastic bags from Food Saver.  You can reuse the plastic as long as they didn’t contain meat, but I’ve found that I like the plastic containers better because they’re easier to store.  When you fill the container, be sure to shake it a bit to pack it down.  You’ll be able to get more in the container that way.

It’s nice to not have to worry about buying flour at the grocery store, although last year when our Food Town had a big sale on flour and sugar, I bought the limit of 5# bags and put the bag right inside my 5 gallon buckets.

If you want to be prepared, you’ll find ways to “hide” those things that are most important.


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