Basic Foods for a Year

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My good friend, Richard Smith, has put a lot of effort into putting this order together.  I’m posting it on my website only because it seems to be the most efficient way to get the news out there.

Note that all orders must be paid in full by September 26th.  Cash and checks accepted.  They have no way to accept credit cards, and we don’t want you going into debt to buy food storage, anyway.

The truck will arrive the first of October and the target date for canning it is October 8.

Call Richard at 281-255-4428 or Donna at 281-376-2923 for further questions and to place your order.

Here’s the information:

A group of local friends and neighbors have gathered together to purchase a year’s supply of basic food items.  We have searched across the United States to find the best price for these items.

We will be purchasing a full truck load, 46,000 pounds, to get the best price possible.  The price of food is on a very fast increase.  When we first started on this order in early July, the Kansas City Board of Trade for Hard Red Winter Wheat was $6.31 a bushel.  By mid August it was $8.25 a bushel.  This is for bulk field, clean at the grain elevator.  Many farmers are holding their grain for $10 a bushel.

Located at the head waters of the Missouri River, we have been able to find top quality wheat from a certified “chemical free” 15,000 acre Montana farm at a very competitive price.  You have the opportunity to join us and take advantage of this pricing as we are buying direct from this farmer.  This farm was recently named the #1 agricultural operation in America.

The basic items in your years supply for a family of 4 consists of the following items packaged in 5 gallon pails and protected with nitrogen for very long-term storage.  Each pail contains 1/2 bushel.

Wheat – 23 pails – approx 690 pounds – $247.53

Yellow corn – 4 pails – approx 112 pounds – $39.40

Pinto beans – 2 pails – approx 60 pounds – $36.96

Great Northern beans – 2 pails – approx 60 pounds – $42.64

Black beans – 2 pails – approx 60 pounds – $42.89

Freight – $68.74

Total – approx 982 pounds – $478.16

Please keep in mind the importance of acting quickly as there is an extreme shortage of wheat.  There is almost no wheat in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  The week of August 15, HEB had a 41% increase in the price of pinto beans.  Their black beans are $1.21 per pound and we have secured a $.58 per pound price.



It will be necessary for all of us to help out the day the truck arrives.  There will be many jobs to do but we will have a meeting to go over the procedures.  We will be filling approximately 1850 five gallon pails, but with all cooperating, we can accomplish this in one day.


There are only 58 units of 958 pounds each, and as of this printing, we have already sold 21 units.  You may buy more than 1 unit and are welcome to swap products among yourselves, or at the end there will be a few extra pails of product to exchange.


Orders must be placed for at least 1 unit, but if you would like to split the order with friends, that’s up to you.   Dividing it up will be done by you.

All orders must be paid in full by September 26.  Place your order asap.  We may do this again, but it will definitely cost more next time.

The company we are buying from is Wheat Montana, owned by Dale and Dean Folkvord.   They use high conservation standards and chemical-free faming practices.    See more about them here:


To bake bread, you’ll also need:

6 #10 cans of non-fat powdered milk

24 quarts of vegetable oil

5 pounds of yeast (small jars)

5 gallons of honey

25 pounds of salt

flour mill (also used for corn) by Blend Tech.  We have made arrangements with Blend Tech to purchase mills at a deep discount.  Price will depend upon number of orders.  Full retail price is $179.95 but we should be able to get them for about $139.95 plus freight.  They have the reputation for making the best mill on the market today for residential use.

All these things will complete your year’s supply of basic food items for a family of 4.  After this wheat order is delivered, we will co-op an order for these supplements.

Note from Joyce:   After 9/11/01, I attended a church fireside that covered financial preparedness.    When the speaker was asked about buying gold to protect our savings, he told us to buy food instead.  You can’t eat gold.

Even if you already feel like you have enough wheat in your storage, buy more.  The prices are only going to go up and you can always use it to barter with others.   There may come a day when you’ll be thankful you stored this “manna.”




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