Seeds for All Time

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If you’re prepared, you’ve got food stored.    For many of us, that means that you’ve got extra canned goods and household products that you use every day.  Hopefully, you also have food and supplies in containers that would allow you to survive for 72 hours in an emergency.  Because of the portability issue, many people choose dehydrated or freeze-dried foods for their 72 hour kits.   Don’t forget to pack water to hydrate not only the food but yourself!

Storing food is great and gives me peace of mind in knowing that I can feed my family for longer than a week, but if I had to live on what I have stored for a longer period of time, I would miss fresh fruits and vegetables.   I would tire of eating food that was processed past its nutritional value.  I would crave something that was LIVE!

Seeds for All Time is a survival seed bank with 4,455 seeds!   Packed in a PVC container, it is sturdy and keeps your seeds protected from the elements (water, moisture, etc.)    All seeds are open pollinated, heirloom seeds.

Here’s the number of seeds and variety packed inside:

300 broccoli

400 cabbage

200 beets

400 cauliflower

400 carrot

50 cucumber

200 leeks

200 blk simpson

400 iceburg

300 mustard greens

200 onion

50 bell pepper

25 jalapeno

25 sweet banana

125 radish

300 rutabaga

20 crook neck

20 zucchini

20 hubbard

20 beef steak

50 maraglobe

200 turnips

50 peas

150 sugar snap

20 green bean

15 Lima bean

200 corn

15 pumpkin

100 cantaloupe

ALSO included inside:

1.  Vegetable, herb and flower planting chart – Gives variety, when to start seed inside (before last frost) so plants are ready to transplant outside.  Also tells you how to space, what depth to plant, approximate days to germination, approximate days to maturity, and optimum soil temperature for germination.

2.  Planting in the fall – Learn how to plant vegetables in early winter for an early spring crop, how to do it, and guideline for successful seed sowing.

3.  Vegetable guide – Know the first date to plan in spring or fall, the number of seeds/plants per 100 ft., planting distance, days before harvest, yield per 100′.

4.  Heirloom vs. Hybrid.   What’s the difference?  What does it mean?


Being prepared means knowing what to do with the items you’ve stored.

Seeds for All Time sells for $49.95.    Other seed companies are selling comparable seed banks for $100 or more.

This PVC container is moisture-resistant and when stored in your freezer, the seeds will remain good for 70 years.

If you have experience with gardening, you may only need one to put away for the future.  If not, you might want to buy TWO and use one now.    The best idea is to use the seeds when you’re NOT faced with a disaster so that you have some experience when the time comes.

Buy ONE for $49.95.

Buy a SECOND one for $44.95 and save 10%.

Don’t just stop at two.   It also makes a great gift.   This year, when considering gifts, why not buy a gift that can keep giving year after year?  Buy the first one for $49.95 and pay only $44.95 for each one after that.

You won’t find seeds of this quality in your local stores.  Even if you could, you’d spend twice the amount for open pollinated, heirloom seeds.   With our busy lives, it just makes sense to buy the entire package and have it delivered to your door.

Order here:   Joyce will insert PayPal information to order.





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