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“I didn’t know you were such a survivalist.”

That’s one comment I’ve heard from a family member this week!    This weekend we had 7 family members come to visit.  Three of them are still here and we’re having a wonderful time.    With our extremely high temperatures and lots of sun, I had been looking forward to cooking for them in the sun oven, but it just wasn’t to be.  This weekend we ended up with cloudy skies and about 30 minutes of rain each day.  I’m not complaining.  We needed the rain.  They did get a demonstration and were all pretty impressed.  My husband even did a bit of bragging about how prepared I am.

One of the sisters has recently moved out to the country where the nearest store is 30 minutes away.   We talked about the value of having food storage so you don’t run out of those things you use on a regular basis.     One night I showed her how to bottle meat so that she could have it ready at all times.   I love having bottled Italian sausage and ground beef on the shelf for several reasons:

1.  Saves time in the kitchen when preparing meals

2.  Doesn’t require the time to thaw

3.  Doesn’t take up freezer space

4.  Don’t have to worry if we lose electricity

5.  Makes me feel good to look in the pantry!

What are you doing to add to your food supply?


All They’ll Need To Know

All They'll Need To Know