Preparedness on the Road

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A few weeks ago I decided to move my preparedness items to our RV.
It made sense because if we had to evacuate, we would drive the RV
and tow our car.

Disclaimer:  The RV pictured here is NOT mine .. but oh, how I wish it was!

I’m sure glad I did!

Last week we drove to Kansas City for a family wedding, and on the
way home, the RV overheated.  We pulled over, giving it some time to
cool down, but when that didn’t work, we felt it was unsafe to drive
without risking even more damage.   Because we were towing the car,
we were able to disconnect it, and I drove home with
my daughter and her kids.  That was important because I needed
to get back to work, and the grandkids needed to get back
to school.

My husband drove the RV to a rest stop off the interstate.
This time of night the rest stop was full of truckers who had pulled
over to sleep.  We’ve done the same thing in our travels and I’ve always
felt safe parked beside them.  There is safety in numbers.

I hated leaving my husband behind, but I knew he would be okay.
Here’s why:

1.  The RV was stocked with food we had packed for traveling.  None of it
required cooking, so he could have easily made sandwiches.

2.  In addition to that, there was about 30 days worth of dehydrated food
and bottled water.  The RV also has about a 40 gallon water tank.

3.  He had tools and other emergency supplies.

4.  The RV provided his “home away from home” with bed, shower,
bathroom, and kitchen.

5.  He had a cell phone and a charger.

6.  He always carries a gun, so he was even prepared to protect
himself if necessary.

7.  If nothing else, he was carrying a full layer of delicious wedding cake!
That would have been enough to keep me going for the day.

I dropped my daughter and the kids off at 11 pm and arrived at my
place soon after.   The next morning, my husband found the help he
needed, but the two of them spent the entire day working to resolve
the problem.  One of the belts was chewed up, which meant that the
compressor was now frozen.  I can’t begin to tell you what they did,
but they put in a new belt and were able to work around things well
enough for him to drive home.

He arrived home safely that evening.  He was tired and glad
to be home, but the ordeal could have been much worse if we had not
stocked the RV with the things we need.

Whether traveling on a long or short journey, by car, RV, train or
plane, it’s best to be prepared.  You just never know what might
happen to delay you from reaching your destination.  After we got
home, I heard that one whole terminal at the Kansas City airport
was closed because of no electricity.  No planes were leaving.
No food could be prepared.  No ATMs would work.  I would imagine
there were lots of unhappy travelers who felt pretty helpless and

Whatever you do, wherever you go – be prepared for the unexpected.



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