May 22, 2012 – Vickilynn Haycraft

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Join Joyce and her guest, Vickilynn Haycraft of Real Food Living.  Vickilynn is a well-known author, speaker, teacher and nutrition researcher.  She is the author of the books, Wrapping it Up! and Naturally Healthy Cuisine, Real Food for Real Families. Vickilynn is the hostess of a radio show here on PRN every Saturday night at 6 PM Central called Get Real – Get Prepared. Join us for a discussion on why and how to include real foods in your preparedness efforts.

Vickilynn Haycraft is a wife and mother of five children.  Vickilynn blogs at:

Vickilynn is a former paramedic and, with her husband, owned successful businesses: bread/pasta home catering and sales of products for health. Her own family’s illnesses caused her to learn all she could about whole grains, real foods, natural health and products that help support taking care of the family in a healthful way. Vickilynn has over 25 years of experience using and market-testing different products and tools of the homemaking vocation, focusing on those in the area of better health and nutrition.

Vickilynn’s articles, columns, poetry, book and product reviews have been distributed worldwide. She has been published in magazines such as Teachers of Good Things, Homemaker’s Forum, An Encouraging Word, Gentle Spirit, Above Rubies, Healthy Foods e-zine, Dollar Stretcher, Coming Home, Naturally Healthy Living magazine and Naturally Healthy Home Study Course. Vickilynn’s recipes and recipe-testing abilities have been included in several successful cookbooks including Healthy Foods by Leanne Ely and Miserly Meals by Jonni McCoy.

A passionate crusader for truth in advertising and consumer’s rights, Vickilynn strives to inform, assist and empower families by delivering accurate, honest and unbiased reviews on products and books for the whole family.

Join us LIVE today at 1 pm Central and you can call in and ask your own questions.  347-326-9604.  OR listen anytime 24/7  on your computer:

Here are some of the questions I’ll be asking Vickilynn:

What is Real Food Living?

Tell us about why it was started and what your vision was and is?

Regarding food storage, what are some important things to consider when you’re getting your food preps together?

Is there a way to create a real food storage plan on a budget?

How did you get involved in doing Product Reviews? What are some of the products you’ve reviewed…

What are some products that we might need in difficult times?

You’ve been through some tough times medically, how does someone with a disability approach preparedness successfully?

How does good nutrition relate to good health?

You’re a very spiritual person, what is the importance of faith with regards to preparedness?

Tell us about your radio show “Get Real, Get Prepared”.

Tell us about your books and where we can find more about them and where to find them.

How can our listeners connect with you?

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