Cheap Modesty

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It’s hard to dress modestly if you’re buying off the rack.  I have camisoles, but even most of them are so low that they don’t completely cover.  I have even purchased those pieces that snap in to give you coverage, but half the time I can’t find them in the drawer.  Last night, I came up with an idea that will add at least 4 unworn shirts to my wardrobe.    By cutting a white camisole and using the pieces I needed, I “fixed” the shirts.

Here’s a picture of the shirt:






Here it is with the white t-shirt insert.   I haven’t stitched it yet, but will use a pale green from my sewing kit and sew along the outside edge of the “V” so it will still look like I’m wearing the white camisole underneath.   Cutting from the neck of the camisole, I kept the rounded edge that’s already finished off.






Once I pinned this one, I started searching for others.






What a great way to “recycle” a shirt you never wear!

Word of warning:  Just because you have the shirt lying flat on the table doesn’t mean that’s the way it will fit your body.  I recommend putting the shirt on and adjusting as needed before sewing.

This would be a great Young Women’s activity.  The insert could actually be sewn in by hand.   Just use whatever fabric or camisole you already have.  The one I used was one I rarely wore, anyway.   I’m glad I was able to make the shirts more wearable without spending any money.

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