Prepare for the crash!

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If you have a computer, it’s just inevitable that at some point it’s going to crash!   I bought a new computer two years ago and within the first six months, it had crashed twice and had to be returned to the manufacturer.  Even then, I have had a nasty virus that tells me I don’t have a legitimate version of Windows installed.  I don’t want to restore it to its original status right now, but I know that one day when it’s really important for me to have access to something on my computer, I will turn it on and see the blue screen.

A friend of mine was having problems restoring her computer this week and someone else recommended Belarc Advisor as a way to scan your computer and give you the information you need for each program installed.   I downloaded this free software last night, and as suspected, it shows me that I have 2007 Microsoft Office installed on my computer!  I think today would be a good day to call Microsoft (again) and see if they have figured out how to kill this virus.

Here it is.  Don’t procrastinate.  Just run the report, print it out, and file it where you can find it when you need it.  Because we all know that someday, you will!



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