Bind or File?

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It’s tax time.  Well, almost.  I’ve started the process of moving last year’s files into a different space and replacing them with files for this year.  Many of the file folders will be the same, and in duplicating the folders, I realized that I also have files on appliances and household items.   That’s not something I want filed away in a closet.   It occurred to me that maybe they should all go into a binder that anyone might be able to find.  I think binders have a useful purpose and they help me feel oh, so organized.

1.  I had an empty binder on my bookshelf, so I started by filling it with page protectors and the even cooler ones that have pockets on each side.






2.  I pulled file folders out of the drawer and put the contents of each  one in a page protector/pocket.

3.  I used my handy, dandy label maker and made a label for the binder.

4.  I’m still thinking about whether I need to make a label for each page protector/pocket.  I’m thinking not, since you can easily see the contents.  I might want to use the protector for something else some day.   Okay.  Eliminate #4.

5.  While I was at it, I browsed through the information I was “filing” in the binder.  I realized I had at least one warranty card that had never been filled in.  Good time to do that while it’s in front of me.

6.  I put the binder on the bookshelf in my office along with other “preparedness” books.    Should be a good place to keep it since I refer to those books often.

photo (1)

It feels pretty good to have all of that information in one place.  Since I do have some new appliances this year, and have required some minor work while still in warranty, I’ve already had to refer to this paperwork.  Fortunately, the first time around, I wrote in the information that was required, so it should be even easier if there is a next time.

Now that I’m finished with that project, I’m ready to tackle something else.  I’ve eliminated a handful of manila folders from my file drawer.  Maybe now I’ll go through last year’s bills and see what I really need to keep.  Utility bills?  Doubtful.

What are you doing this year to make your information more accessible?


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