Chicken & Noodles

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I’ve got sick people around me today. Seemed like a good day to make some chicken and noodles. I didn’t want to bother getting the pasta machine out, so I rolled them out myself and was pleased with the results. I threw the noodles in a pot of boiling water, added two cans of chicken broth, and after the noodles were about half way cooked, I added a quart jar of chicken that I canned over the summer. How easy was that?

photo (2)

I guess that’s one more meal I can say that I can cook from food storage items.

See the pasta recipe HERE. It is sooo easy!   One thing I tried was to slather the countertop with coconut oil instead of flour.  It worked for the cinnamon rolls, but not so well for noodles.  They need the extra flour to keep from sticking to the counter, and they don’t transfer as well to the pot when they are hard to separate.  My “fix” for the problem was to put some flour on top of the noodles and smoothing it around before using the spatula to lift them.



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