Flu: Prevention & Remedies

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Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness, food freedom and non-tech solutions.  Daisy lives in rural Eastern Ontario with her young daughter and has another daughter who is away at school.  Her interests include canning, gardening, cooking and hiking.  Outside of homesteading pursuits, Daisy is currently working towards her personal trainer and nutritional wellness certifications, and has written numerous articles for the fitness industry.

This year’s flu promises to be one of the  worst on record.  The CDC estimates that over 200,000 flu victims will be hospitalized.  The aggressive strain of H3N2v was not included in this year’s vaccine, so even if you got jabbed (and believe that the flu shot is effective) you’d still be at risk for this nasty virus. According to the CDC, H3N2v is mutation of the swine flu.

1.)What is the best way to prevent the flu?
2.) What about the flu shot? I know you aren’t a fan – you’ve stirred up some controversy lately writing about it. Why do you feel qualified to address the flu shot?
3.) Why do you think there is such a big push in the media for everyone to get the flu shot?
4.) What if, despite being careful, you or a family member still gets the flu?
5.)  What home remedies should you keep in stock?
6.)  What chemical remedies do you recommend?  What about Tamiflu, otc cold medicine, etc?
7.)  The flu has reached epidemic proportions in some states.  Eventually, there is likely to be another pandemic like the Spanish Flu in 1918 that killed over 25 million in the first 4 months. How can preppers plan for a horrible event like that?

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