Ready Nutrition – Tess Pennington

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Tess Pennington shares how 911 and the Red Cross helped start her path to preparedness.  We’ll talk about her popular web-series, 52-Weeks to Preparedness, and her new book, The Prepper Cookbook, as well as her family’s adjustment to living in the country.
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Tess Pennington is the founder of Ready Nutrition, a website that promotes disaster preparedness, homesteading and, ultimately, self-reliance. Her mission is simple – to introduce easy to understand concepts and strategies for dealing with disasters and emergencies, be they man-made or natural. She believes that through knowledge, skills development and family-based preparedness, we can learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle.Her widely popular web-series, 52-Weeks to Preparedness is free and has helped thousands get ready for life’s unexpected disasters. Her book, The Prepper Cookbook, will be published on March 19th and introduces practical prepping concepts, teaches readers how to make the most out of their food supply, utilizes low-cost ingredients found in in many homes, and shows readers how to use their food pantries to make a variety of meals during emergency situations.

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