Real Food

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Vickilynn Haycraft is a teacher, Product Reviewer, author of 2 books, magazine columnist and the hostess of the PRN radio show “Get Real – Get Prepared” airing Saturday nights 6 PM Central. Vickilynn’s website is and you can get more information on what she writes and where you can find her. An especially interesting part of her website is Product Reviews, many products are related to prepping and homemaking, so be sure to check out Vickilynn’s product reviews. Another area of excellent information is her Frequently Asked Questions about Real Foods. We are going to talk about Real Foods and preparing.

1) What are real foods?

2) How did you get started in real foods?

3) Why is it important to make foods from home?

4) How can you store real foods in storage?

5) What do we need to know about real foods in storage?

6) How do you handle the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas and use healthy real foods?

7) What are some ideas for updating classic holiday foods?

8) What about families with food allergies, what ideas can they use for good recipes?

9) Please tell us about your books?

10) What are some of your ideas on homemade gift giving?

11) Can you give us some specific recipes for homemade gifts?

12) What are some products you’ve reviewed that you can recommend for preparedness-minded gift-giving?

13) What would you like to share with us?

14) Please tell us again how we can connect with you?

All They’ll Need To Know

All They'll Need To Know