A Prepper’s Office

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I spent some time in training at the cannery yesterday, and since I was there, it just made sense to pick up a few things!

Once I got home, I felt the need to go through what I already had to check the dates.  While dragging cases of wheat from beneath the bed, and trying to make way for the new cans, I realized that I could be much more efficient in my storage.  Big surprise.

Walking into my office, I realized I had plenty of space above my desk!   I guess one of the advantages to being a prepper is that it’s okay to display those things that are in the front of your mind!    I also like the idea of using every bit of space I have on — USEFUL things.  Always the pragmatist!


This prompts me to ask a few questions:

1.  Where is YOUR food stashed?  If it’s buried under beds, do you have a list that tells you where it is?

2.  Is it easily accessible?  It not, you may   feel like it’s just easier to go get more instead of trying to get to it.

3.  Are you rotating?  You’ve got to use the FIFO method with your food.  First In, First Out!  Use the older stuff first and rotate the new to the back.

Yesterday I learned that potato pearls only have about a 2 year shelf life.  I bought a can of potato flakes, and the label says they are good for 30 years!  I figured I’d have to go home and discard any potato pearls I had, but I was happy to find that I didn’t have any.  (Either that, or they’re buried so deep I can’t find them!)   I pulled out a can of the stored potato flakes, and replaced it with the new can instead of using it now.

I figure the top of my desk is a great place to store those items that don’t fill a full case.  It’ll be much easier for me to keep an inventory, and definitely easier to access.

I sure wish the cannery offered popcorn!



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