Chia Pudding

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I mentioned on the radio the other day that I was enjoying some chia pudding.  I had never heard of chia until about two years ago, and I’ll have to admit that I’ve been a little slow in using it.  Now I’m really excited about the possibilities it offers.

Rather than re-create the wheel, I’m going to give you a couple of links to get your started in learning more about chia.

Top 10 Benefits of Eating  Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds FAQs

It is so easy to make the pudding and doesn’t require any cooking.  Think of the texture of tapioca pudding.  When the chia seeds absorb liquid, they swell up and produce a gel.

photo (12)My pudding is basically:

1 cup of milk (I prefer non-dairy, so I used flaxmilk.  Almond milk or anything else will work.)

3 Tbsp of chia seeds

1 tsp of stevia (or other sweetener)

1 tsp of vanilla extract

I like to put my concoction in a pint jar, put the lid on, and shake.  I realize now that I could have done a little more prep work to make the pudding look more desirable (excuse the cleaner, paper towels, and canned corn behind the ingredients!)   Then just put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes and it will be ready to eat.  I like to mix mine the night before so it’s ready for breakfast.

That’s really it!   Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to experiment by using fruit juice instead of the milk, or topping it with fresh fruit.

Here’s a chocolate chia pudding recipe I found on Pinterest.  Do a search on your own and you’ll be surprised how many options you have.  Make it up as you go along!

Have fun with it.  There are so many benefits to using chia in your diet.  Don’t we all want to have better health, feel more satisfied and therefore not always feel hungry, and lose weight?  Give chia a try and make it part of your food storage plan.


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