Popcorn – The Healthy Snack

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popcornI don’t keep much junk food in my house.   When I’m craving something salty, I always have popcorn.   When my little grandson comes over, he always asks for “pop.”

I’ve always loved it with real butter on every bite, but lately, I’m learning to like it without it.  I cook it a couple of different ways.

1.  I have a plastic Nordic Ware popcorn popper that’s made for the microwave.  Just a base and a lid.  While I don’t usually use plastic, this just makes it so easy for one serving.  I break the rules and put about a tablespoon of olive oil, or coconut oil, in the bottom of the popper and then add a scoop (the one that comes inside my protein shakes) of popcorn.  In about 3 minutes, it’s popped and ready to eat.   All I add is a sprinkle or two of pink Himalayan salt.  I like being able to control the amount and type of oil and salt in my popcorn.

2.  If you really can’t stand the idea of the plastic, did you know you can put the oil and popcorn in a glass bowl with a glass lid?  Works just the same.  Just be careful when pulling it out of the microwave because you can get burned by the steam.  Use gloves or a hot pad to slide the plate off the top before removing the bowl.

3.  If I need more than one serving, I’ll pop it in a heavy pan on top of the stove.  Same routine.  Add oil, put in one kernel, and when it pops, it’s time to add the rest.  Just shake the pan back and forth on the burner until you hear the popping slow down.  Add salt, or butter.

I absolutely can’t tolerate the pre-packaged microwave popcorn.  It’s too salty and I think it’s just disgusting.  Way too many bad ingredients.  Did you know that you can put popcorn inside a brown lunch sack and put it in the microwave?  It’ll pop dry and then you can add your own butter and salt.

Something else I do with my popcorn is grind it for corn meal.  I got tired of bringing corn meal home and having it infested with weevils.  Now, whenever I have the grinder out, I grind enough popcorn to fill 2-3 quart canning jars.  I store it in the refrigerator or freezer just to keep it fresh.

I have tried to find organic popcorn here locally but haven’t had any luck.   I finally gave in and purchased a 50# bag of popcorn at Sam’s for just under $30.  It will last me a long time and I like knowing I have a supply of it.

Popcorn is just one more ingredient you can keep in your pantry and enjoy it freshly popped, or ground, at a moment’s notice.




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