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After my rant about the sugary gummies last night, I decided I should share the purchase I did make at Costco, and I can even recommend that they taste yummy!

The Kirkland brand Variety Nut Bars with 10 Nut and Fruit Bars and 10 Nut and Seed Bars.    You can see from the label that:

1.  Each bar is one serving 🙂  which is great because I don’t have to share.

2.  There are 12 grams of sugar in the Nut & Fruit bars, but it all comes from the fruit itself and either brown rice syrup, sugar, dried cane syrup, honey,  and a bit of dextrose.

3.  There are 10 grams of sugar in the Nut and Seed bars.  Sugar comes from the same source as above.  It’s a bit less because there is no fruit.

4.  The Nut and Fruit Bars have 4 grams of protein; the Nut and Seed Bars have 5.   Calories are 180 and 190 respectively.

5.  Ingredients include:  cashews, almonds, rice, pistachios, apricots, orange peel, etc.  Nothing I can’t understand or pronounce.

6.  It’s a product of the USA!!

7.  While it’s not declared “Organic,” I don’t see any corn or GMO products.

8.  The expiration date is October 20, 2013.  I don’t think I’ll have any problem finishing this box off in the next six months.

I declare this snack a winner!

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