Read the Labels!

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Yesterday I was at Sam’s Club and stopped to look at the display of the gummy fruit snacks.  They were in such pretty little packages they seemed harmless enough.  I was tempted to buy them until I flipped the box over to read the label.

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I don’t buy anything  without reading the label anymore, because I’m avoiding products that  include:

1.  high fructose corn syrup

2.  sucralose (Splenda)

3.  any number of weird looking ingredients that can’t be found in my kitchen!

Turns out those little gummies aren’t so harmless after all!

1.  Each little bag has about 25 pieces in it.

2.  Each bag is considered to be 2.5 servings.  Yeah, like I couldn’t eat the whole bag.  Who stops less than half way through it?

3.  Each SERVING has 13 grams of sugar, so if you multiply that by 2.5 servings, you have 32.5 grams of sugar in one bag.    (ONE teaspoon of sugar is equal to 4.2 grams.  So if you take 32 grams of sugar and divide it by 4.2, you’ve got 7.6 teaspoons of sugar in one bag of gummies.  Yikes!

4.  Ingredients also include carnuba wax, Blue #1, Yellow #5, and Red #40.   Maybe I could wax my car with them.

5.  Other ingredients include corn syrup and corn starch which are undoubtedly derived from GMO (genetically modified)  corn.  We can thank Monsanto for that.  If I wanted weed killer on my corn, I’d add it at home, but I’d prefer my corn NOT to be poisonous.

So most of the general population buys these cute little gummies and think they’re getting a healthy, fruity snack, when what they’re really getting is an overload of sugar, dye, car wax and pesticides.  No wonder our kids are bouncing off the walls and sick!

Do yourself a favor.   Don’t put anything in your shopping cart until you’ve read the label.  Don’t fall prey to the deception that this stuff they call “food” is good for you.

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