Wonder Ovens – Keep Hot, Cold, or Cook!

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Wonder Oven
Wonder Oven

The “wonderful” think about a “wonder oven” is that it can do lots of different things.   It looks like a floppy ottoman, or even an under-stuffed bean bag, but once you put a container inside, it begins to take shape.



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1.  It keeps hot food hot

2.  It keeps cold food cold.  Jamie Smith and Megan Smith (not related!) both tell me that it will keep popsicles frozen for four hours.   That’s important stuff to know!

3.  Not only will it hold the temperature – it will even cook your food!   Think of it as a cushy crock pot, except that it doesn’t use electricity and since you’re probably going to want to keep it in your car for bringing home groceries, you can also use it to cook or keep food warm for those long afternoons at the soccer field!

Visit Megan’s site, www.myfoodstoragecookbook.com and you’ll see all kinds of things that you can do with one of these ovens.   I’ve only just made mine today and don’t want you to have to wait and see what I do with mine.  Megan’s page will tell you how to make one AND how to actually — USE it!

Visit Jamie’s site, www.prepared-housewives.com and see her step-by-step instructions on how to make one.

This is just one more way to help simplify your life and help you to be more prepared.

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