Shelley Rollins – Home Inventory

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Shelley Rollins is my guest today and she offers advice on why everyone should have a household inventory.  Here are some of the questions I had for Shelley:

Q:Who should have a household inventory?

A:  Everyone from a college student living in a dorm; a first time apartment renter; ALL homeowners; All Landlords

Q:  What should an inventory list contain?

A:  Serial numbers for everything that has one; a clothing inventory; kitchen list of all small appliances, inventory of china, crystal as well as those for everyday use.

Q:   What do you recommend for keeping this inventory?

A:   Spreadsheet can be saved on the computer or flash drive in case the house burns down.  photos are also something that can be kept on that flash drive.

Q:  Where should it be kept and why?

A:  Off premises… Fire Proof Box.

Q:  What about keeping it in a safe deposit box?    (tell us why NOT)

Q:  Where would we keep it if it’s off premise?   Again, the flash drive is a great idea.

Q:  Why do you have to keep a record of serial numbers on electronics?

A:  A serial number can isolate the manufacturer, model of item, and approximate value and much more.

Q:  Should I take pictures of everything also?

A:  Yes.. but more than pictures… a digital record such as an SD card with every room recorded separated by a photo of an index card identifying the room the pictures pertain to.

Shelley has been an insurance agent for the last 17 years, 2.5 of them include having her own MetLife business.  Today, she and Joyce will discuss the importance of creating an inventory of items in your home.  This is important not only for loss by natural disaster, but theft.

Be sure to listen.  This is something everyone should do, no matter how much “stuff” you own.

Listen HERE .  Download is available 24/7.


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