Shelley Rollins – Hurricane Preparation

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Disaster strikes anytime, anywhere. It takes many forms—hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, a fire or even a hazardous spill (think West, TX plant explosion).  some are natural, and some are man made.   Whether it builds over days or weeks or hits suddenly without warning, you must have a disaster preparedness and response plan.  Every year millions of American face disaster, and its terrifying consequences.   (all information courtesy of the Office of Emergency Management)

In this interview, Shelley refers to the Hurricane Preparedness EXTENSIVE Checklist.   Simply, Get a kit, make a plan, stay informed.

Several Factors to staying prepared:

What to do before the storm:

A.      General Preparedness  such as vehicles prepared, generators, have cash, have emergency numbers available, battery powered AM radio.

B.      Home Preparedness such as boarding up windows and doors, trimming trees, tie down loose items outside, turn off propane gas and don’t turn on until you’re authorized

C.       Emergency Essentials Checklist Food, Water, First Aid, etc.

D.       Medical Essentials Checklist

If you plan to evacuate:

A.      Where are you going

B.      Do you have a backup location

If you plan to stay:

a.       Listen to the radio and have plenty of batteries on hand, prepare emergency essentials, generator, chainsaw, water

b.       What to do during and after the storm including damage assessment and calling for help.

Shelley Rollins has been in the insurance business  for 17 years.   For the past  2.5 years she’s owned and operated her own MetLife Insurance agency.    Shelley lives in the Spring, Texas area with her family and enjoys not only helping people save money on their insurance, but finding them the best coverage for their needs.

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