Gladys Wesley-Kennedy

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The health condition of our physical bodies and life indicates the extent of the “well-ness” or dis-ease” of our mind and thoughts. We may believe we are healthy because we exercise regularly and/or eat right, but health is so much more than that! Listen and learn from Gladys Wesley-Kennedy, Founder and Qigong Master of The Wellness and Healing Arts Intstitute, (The WHAI).

Many of us live unconsciously.  We live day-to-day and moment-to-moment without having a clue about what it really means to be “alive.”  Without knowing it, many of us float through each day, like dead leaves blown about by the wind. We are completely driven by our subconscious mind patterns, and are slaves to our beliefs, habits, and desires.

In truth though, we are entirely responsible for our life conditions and quality of life, but most of us do not know it.  Instead, due to our naïve ignorance, we blame God as well as everything and everyone else for our lot in life, including the state of our own health…which is often in a state of persistent pain, sickness, or disease.

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