Got a Camera on that Smart Phone?

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Are you making the most of your smart phone?

1.   Parking Garages.  When accompanying my daughter to the hospital for frequent treatments, I’d take a picture of the elevator markings so I’d remember where I parked my car each time.   When you’re going to the same place day after day, sometimes it’s easy to forget where you parked.    Sure was nice to just check the phone and see!

2.  Airport.    A few years ago I “lost” my car at the airport on more than one occasion.  I think they were playing tricks on the passengers, because my husband also lost his car a couple of times that year.  I learned from another traveler when I was practically in tears with frustration,  that if you go to the information desk in the baggage area and tell them your license plate number, they can tell you where you parked.  Apparently there’s someone who drives around and records the plate numbers.   Now, I take a picture of the elevator or entrance, and I also keep a picture of my license plate and car on my phone.

3.  Grocery Store.  I had told a friend about some restaurant-quality tablecloths I’d seen at one of the warehouse stores, but couldn’t remember if it was Costco or Sam’s.  Last time I was at Sam’s, I found the tablecloths and took a picture of the tag on the shelf.  This gave her a picture of the item number, the price, the size, and quantity.  All I had to do was use the email function on my phone to send it to her.  She was so appreciative of my thoughtfulness.

4.  Grocery Book.  This is also a great way to record prices for items you buy frequently.  I know there are a lot of grocery store books out there where you visit the stores and record the prices so you know where you’re getting the best deal.  I’ve never focused long enough to do that, but while at Sam’s, I took pictures of those products.  Now I have the information on diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, Rotel, and green beans.   While I like buying these products by the case, I don’t want to pay more money for the same thing I can find on sale at my local grocery store.

5.  Shopping.  I rarely shop, but when I’m out and I see something that I think my married daughter might like, I can take a picture of the item and email it to her on the spot.  That way, I don’t go through the process of purchasing something that I may have to return.

6.  Inventory.  Great way to inventory small, or even big items.    If you are selling on ebay or Craigslist, or just want to send a picture to a friend of something you’re selling, it’s an easy way to not only forward the picture, but to keep it on your phone to show anyone else who may be interested.

7.  Proof.  It’s a great way to capture something you’ve done, or someplace you’ve visited when you want to show yourself being there.    Did you sit next to a celebrity on the plane?  See Johnny Depp walking down the street in Paris?

8.  Contact Information.  My grandson tells me that when he meets a girl at a church dance, he takes her picture so he can remember who she is when he calls to ask her out.  (So many girls can crash your memory, apparently!)  For adults who aren’t dating,  I’m sure there are other practical applications for that.  Take a picture of their business card so you can store the information until you enter it in your contact list.  At least you have it with you.

9.  Social Networking.  It’s a great way to upload pictures to Facebook or Twitter to keep a current profile picture, or just to let your peeps know what you’re doing at that moment.

10.  Grandkids!  I love it that my kids have smart phones.   I get pictures more frequently of the grandkids and can easily save them to my own phone.  If I want to keep them on my computer, I can just email the picture to myself and save it that way.  I never print pictures anymore, but frequently do go through the “camera roll” on my phone and look at them.  What a great way to help the environment!  I save on paper, ink, and storage space.

Maybe you have other ideas for making the most of your smart phone.  I hope you’ll share them with us.


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