Care Facilities – Are They Prepared?

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GRG-logo-tagline-R-378x108My guest today is Jim Serre.  Jim is the president of Get Ready Gear and he has a wonderful website at that you’re going to want to visit.  Jim has a tremendous amount of professional experience in business development and consulting related to engineering, training, safety and emergency preparedness.   He is a recognized expert in domestic emergency preparedness and the training of emergency response personnel.

On this show we’ll be discussing care facilities and what you can do to make sure your loved one will receive the best care in an emergency.   A care facility may be defined as any place you take or send a loved one to be watched over by others while you are away:  school, day care, hospital, assisted living, adult day care, or nursing home.

There are questions you should ask.  For example:

* Is there a standard guideline showing how to react in any situation?
* What are the key elements of your emergency plan?
* What about medication management?
* How will you communicate with me?

Jim will address these questions and more!

Available for listening at 11 pm CT on 9/4/13 or anytime after.

All They’ll Need To Know

All They'll Need To Know