Read the Label – Part 2

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I had a hard time focusing on which area of reading labels was most important in my post yesterday, but today I picked up two items in my house and thought the labels were important to mention!

tropicanaTropicana 100% Juice

I bought a case of these thinking they’d be better for the grandkids than sodas.   Here’s what the label says.  Is it better than soda?

Bottle is 15.2 fl oz. but the serving size is 8 fl oz.  So there are just about 2 servings per bottle.  That means you have to DOUBLE the calories and sugar listed if you drink the whole thing.

Calories, PER SERVING, are 210
Sugar, PER SERVING, is 22 grams

So if you drink one full bottle of Tropicana, you are consuming 420 calories and 42 ounces (from the label) of sugar.  That’s about the same amount of sugar in a soda.   Granted, we’re talking about orange juice, which is definitely preferable over artificial sugars, but it’s still sugar.

hoodys-2lb-peanuts_MEDHoody’s Dry Roasted Peanuts

My husband loves these peanuts.  I prefer raw, organic cashews, but they’re pretty pricey, so I tried a handful of them.  They tasted pretty good, but look at the ingredients:

“Peanuts, sea salt, SUGAR, cornstarch, MALTODEXTRIN, torula yeast, CORN SYRUP SOLIDS, paprika (color), hydrolyzed soy protein, natural smoke flavor, onion powder, spices, garlic powder.”

A serving is listed at about 40 pieces, but look at the sugar content.  While there are only 2 grams of sugar in those 40 pieces, it still seems odd to even add sugar to peanuts!  (I’m not sure why I’m so shocked – have you looked at the label of your peanut butter?)    What’s wrong with just plain, salted peanuts?  Isn’t that what I grew up with?

I’m going to be following my own advice and taking a closer look at the labels in my pantry. I’ll be posting what I find and would love to hear your comments on what YOU’re eating at your house!




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