Read the Label

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One of my favorite treats is ice cream.  People in Texas love their Blue Bell, and I’m no exception.  I’m sure I’d read the label on the Homemade Vanilla before, but I must not have been paying attention.  I recently picked up a half gallon at the grocery store and started to read.   Right near the top of the list, it read, “High fructose corn syrup.”  That’s one ingredient I’m trying to avoid, so I put that half gallon of Blue Bell right back in the freezer case.

Next to it was another local Texas brand –  HEB ‘s Creamy Creations.  I read the label, and bless my soul, there was no HFCS in it.  The only sweetener was cane sugar!  That’s the ice cream that went into my shopping cart, and at 3/$10.00, it was a real bargain.  At times the Blue Bell sells close to $7 a gallon, so I felt like I was getting a real deal in addition to getting ice cream that’s closer to what grandpa used to churn in the back yard!

I’ve been trying to avoid HFCS for several years now, and it’s not easy!  It’s in just about everything.   It’s not just in our sodas, it’s in catsup and anything else that needs to be sweetened.   If you’ve switched from diet sodas because of the aspartame and other deadly sweeteners, good for you, but if you’ve switched the non-diet sodas, more than likely you’re consuming HFCS.  Lots of it!

You can read more about the dangers of HFCS in this article, “5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You,” by Mark Hyman, MD.     While you’re on the search for better health, if you want to learn more about how deadly and dangerous aspartame is, Dr. Betty Martini is the leading authority on it.  She’s spent her life fighting to have it removed from our food.

I’m happy to say that HEB also has their own version of some of our favorite sodas and they use real cane sugar.  It’s surprising to me that their version of Dr. Pepper, which is “Dr. B” is sooo much better.     It’s also surprising to me that here in Texas we can buy what we refer to as “Mexican Coke” because it’s manufactured in Mexico.  It comes in glass bottles, and it’s made with cane sugar, too.  It’s definitely better than the “real thing” manufactured here in the United States.

My question is this:  Why do we have to get food from Mexico to get away from the chemicals that are just making us sicker and fatter with every sip?

This rant could go on and on if I started writing about how diet sodas make you fat, or how Splenda and Aspartame can not only make you sick, but can kill you.   It’s true that real sugar will make you fat, and possibly sick, too, if you consume too much of it.  I guess this brings us around to the reason for this post in the first place.

  1. Read the labels.  Know what you’re eating.
  2. Do the math.  Look at the size of a serving, and then look at the calories, sodium, or grams of sugar you’re consuming.
  3. Words in the ingredients aren’t anything you’ve ever seen on your table?  That’s because they’re usually chemicals created to take the place of real food.  Take the time to figure out what those words mean.   The internet is a great tool for stuff like that.

Here’s to your health!  If you don’t protect it, no one else will!

Joyce Moseley Pierce



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