Surviving Doomsday with Author, Richard Duarte

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Today we talk about some of the topics in Richard Duarte’s book, Surviving Doomsday – A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster.      Right now in Texas, residents of 30 communities are realizing that they can’t take running water for granted.    Nearly 15 million people are living with some kind of water rationing.  What preparations have you made to take care of your family?      We also talk about why it’s important (and fun!) to attend preparedness shows.

Richard Duarte is the author of Surviving Doomsday – A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster. Richard currently lectures and consults in the areas of urban survival planning and preparation; he is a practicing attorney and an avid firearms enthusiast. As a father of four, a grandfather, a husband and a responsible member of society he refuses to delegate responsibility for his family’s welfare and safety, and passionately promotes self-reliance and preparedness. When he is not writing, speaking, teaching or thinking about urban survival, he is busy practicing law and running his law office in Miami, Florida.

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