Guest: Linda Loosli of Food Storage Moms

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Linda Loosli is the woman behind Food Storage Moms.    Today we’re going to talk about water.   Preppers will tell you that if you don’t have water, then there’s no need to do anything else.  Why?  Because you can’t survive more than 3 days without it!

We will talk about:

1.  What to do if you have to evacuate and can’t carry the recommended gallon per day/per person with you, and

2.  What’s the difference between filtering and purifying your water?

Listen to the interview HERE

Linda Loosli grew up without much but she never realized it.   She grew up in a home with plenty of food so she never went hungry.  After she got married, they were the young family in the neighborhood with the biggest garden.   She and her daughters canned everything they could, they dehydrated food and even made juice from grapes. She’s made homemade bread for over 40 years, but remembers that when her girls were little they wanted “Wonder Bread” like the other kids had.  They liked it because the store-bought white bread could be rolled in their hands after they removed the crust.    Her goal was to have  food storage shelves full of food, not because I was thinking doom and gloom, but because she wanted to be able to feed her family if something unplanned happened.   As a teenager she lived with an aunt in Illinois during the winter, and remembers having hardly any food on the shelves.  During a bad storm, she had to walk several blocks through the cold to get the food that was allotted to them.   That experience changed her life.  Linda was so scared she vowed to never be without food.  She’s never gone into debt to buy food, and yet she’s built a year’s supply buying just one can at a time.



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