Granny Square Hats

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photo (11)This granny square hat is a hit with all ages.   All you have to do is change up the colors to fit the age … or then again, maybe not!

I made this one for my granddaughter.   It’s six granny squares with three colors/rows.   I mixed up the colors so none of the squares are the same.

061For this one, I made four granny squares with four colors/rows.  Starting with yellow, then green, then blue, then pink.

I stitched the squares together using a yarn needle, and then did a row of single crochet around the edge that would be the top.  I crocheted a total of about 5 single crochet rows, and then put the hook into every OTHER stitch until the top basically closed up.  I left the end of the yarn long, inserted it into the needle, and secured the hole.  Next, I did five single crochet rows along the bottom edge.

Time to complete:  Approximately 2 hours.  Easily done in an evening if you have some experience crocheting.

They were such a hit with the girls, their moms wanted one, too.   You can see what a difference it makes when you change the colors.

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This time I did a three-row granny square, and I made six of them.  I stitched them together with the yarn needle, and went through the same process as with the children’s hats, except that I added another two rows at the top to allow for a larger head!

Go ahead and have fun with them.  They make great gifts.

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