My Wonder Oven Ham & Beans

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My kids hate ham and beans.  Just the mention of it causes them to make the most horrible faces.  Fortunately for them, we are empty nesters, and we do eat it on occasion.

Yesterday I made probably the BEST batch of ham and beans EVER.  I want to write it down not only for you, but so I’ll  know what to do next time.









1.  I soaked the beans overnight.

2.  Rinsed and sorted through them the next morning.

3.  At 11 am, I put them in a pot to boil for 15 minutes because I planned to finish cooking them in My Wonder Oven .   I didn’t have ham on the bone, so I purchased a ham slice and cut it into bite-sized pieces.   I added salt, pepper, some dehydrated onion, a few shakes of thyme, and a sprinkle or two of Tex Joy Steak Seasoning.   The recipe I was using called for bay leaves, but since I didn’t have any, I thought the steak seasoning would add some flavor.  It did.  My husband thinks Tex Joy is the seasoning for everything.

4.  At 11:15, I put the lid on the pot and transferred it to My Wonder Oven.

5.  I walked away.  I had lots of work to do today, and it was so nice to be able to focus on what I was doing without having to watch my dinner cook.

6.  At 5 pm, I took the top off of My Wonder Oven and removed the pot.  It was hot enough six hours later that I had to use pot holders.  When I took the lid off the pan, steam gushed out.  I was definitely impressed, and even more impressed when the beans were done and cooked to just the perfect consistency.

7.  I left the lid off and put the beans on the stove.  I turned the burner on low and let them simmer.  The beans were done, but I wanted some of the liquid to evaporate.  In the meantime, I mixed up a batch of cornbread.

8.  I used the standard recipe from Better Home & Gardens, and pulled out my iron skillet to bake it in.  I put a glob of coconut oil in the bottom, stuck it in the oven while it preheated, and finished mixing the cornbread.

9.  When the stove indicated that the oven was now hot enough, I pulled the pan out and added the cornbread mixture.  (Instead of turning the oven to 400 like the recipe says, I left it at 375 because mine is often too hot.)  About 30 minutes later, it was done, and I’ll have to say it was the BEST cornbread I can ever remember making.  I’ll even admit that I had two slices while my hubby took his before-dinner-watching-the-news-snooze!  I don’t know if it was the extra coconut oil in the bottom, or cooking it at a lower heat, but there was a nice little crunch on the bottom of the cornbread that made it slightly addictive.  It was just delicious!

I’m so excited about using My Wonder Oven that now I’m looking for other things to cook.  I know Megan Smith at has lots of recipes.  I’m planning to use her idea for lasagna in the next few days.


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