Handmade Christmas Pillowcases

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I’ve had so much fun making¬†holiday pillowcases for each member of our family. The plan is to give them at Thanksgiving and let them use them throughout the holidays. Pardon the wrinkles … they’ve been stacked up waiting for packing! I had one heck of a time trying to make the contrasting piece fit, and even though they were all cut the same size, it was a problem almost every time. I’ve now gone to using just one piece of fabric. It’s faster and just as pretty. (See the green with brown reindeer.)

I love this Texas print. Yee-Haw!

And the Santa with palm trees and Hawaiian shirt.

If you get in a pinch and need a bigger bag to wrap a gift, just grab one of these out of the bedroom and you’re good to go.¬† Just remember to tie a ribbon around the top to keep it closed, and be sure to include a name tag!


All They’ll Need To Know

All They'll Need To Know