Handmade Christmas Stockings

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This year I started preparing for Christmas early. The Christmas stocking below was made from a kit for my niece, Felicia. The kits are pricey and some are pretty ornate. The directions are fairly easy to follow, but there’s a lot of time and patience involved in making one. I think this is my fourth.

My son mentioned that his girls didn’t have handmade stockings, so I decided to make them without a kit, and at a considerable savings. Here’s how simple it was:

1. I purchased the felt at the fabric store

2. Found Christmas pictures on the internet and used the tree and reindeer. The snowman is actually an ornament a friend made me years ago. I thought this would be a great way to preserve it.

3. Purchased a package of iron-on letters, placed them on the felt, and cut around them.

4. Used some sequins and beads left from the pre-packaged stockings I’d made in the past.

5. Had scraps of gold ribbon and googly eyes to embellish the reindeer, tree, and packages.

Realizing that their dad didn’t have a stocking either, I made one for him. I figured “Dad” was the name he likes best, so it seemed totally appropriate for his stocking. Wish I could have fit “Best dad in the whole world” on the stocking. I did my best to make a football, baseball and putting green for him. There are lots of ways you can personalize stockings.

DSC02266 DSC02265 DSC02264spencer's stocking

Just use your imagination, and if you feel you’re lacking in that department, there’s always Pinterest!



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