Knead Dough in a Bag?

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I own both a bread maker and a stand mixer with dough hooks, but I’m not at home and wanted to make some hamburger buns.  It’s been awhile since I’ve manually kneaded bread, so I wasn’t looking forward to it until I remembered a bread mix I purchased a couple of years ago.

The directions said to put the ingredients for the dough into a plastic Ziploc bag.  The bag was included in the box.  It seemed like the craziest thing to me, but I followed the directions, and it turned out great!  Not only was it a lot less messy than kneading it on the table, I was able to use less flour, which made it lighter, and I could do it while I was watching a movie with my sister.

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I thought maybe it would be a good idea to grease the inside of this plastic bag, but before I scooped any coconut oil out to do so, I realized the bowl I had melted the butter in still had some butter residue.  I placed the bowl in the bag, pressed the bag into the bowl of butter, and then added the dough.   I sat at the kitchen table and kneaded that bag of dough while my hubby ate his nutritionally-dead breakfast of frozen waffles.

After ten minutes of kneading, which was really more like just squeezing with both hands, I pulled the dough out of the bag.   You can see that very little of it remained – and none of it is stuck to my kitchen table!  The recipe called for 4 cups of flour and that’s all I used.  I didn’t have to add anything to keep it from sticking to my hands or the table.

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You can see here that it is rising quite nicely.   It’s cold in the house this morning, so I turned on the oven and placed the bowl on the oven door for about 20 minutes.  The dough has already doubled in size.  Gotta love it when that yeast works and everything comes together like it’s supposed to.

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Ready to go roll up some balls of dough to make those hamburger buns!


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