Plan Ahead

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I knew on Thursday that I wanted to make lasagna today for dinner.  I woke up earlier than usual and decided to make the sauce and let it continue to cook in my wonder oven throughout the day.    I let the pot boil for about 15 minutes with the lid on, then nestled it in the wonder oven and forgot about it.

IMG_1769 (2)

I cooked breakfast, did all that stuff to get presentable for the day, and then went to church.  When we got home 3 hours later, I checked the sauce.  The lid was still too hot to touch and steam flew out of the pan when I lifted the lid.  Just the way I wanted it.  I assembled the lasagna in the crock pot.  Sauce, pasta, cheeses, repeated twice.   Put the lid on it and left the house for another 3 hours!

When we got back, dinner was ready to eat.  Gotta love that, especially when you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.

I spent a little bit of time planning and preparing for my dinner, but actually very little time watching it in the kitchen.  As my hubby said, “The thing I love about the wonder oven is that the food doesn’t get burned or dried out.”

Hmmm…is that an indication of my cooking results?


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