What Personal Care Product Can You Live Without?

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I have cuticles that are out of control. I blame it on spending way too much time in my mother’s beauty shop as a child.   At age five I was giving myself manicures and clipping my own cuticles.  Apparently once you start clipping them, they grow like wildfire.  Since the age of about 20, I have purchased one brand or another of “cuticle remover,” and often wondered how it “removed” cuticles without eating the skin around them!

Last week as I was preparing to push those babies back, I remembered the old Palmolive dish soap commercial. Do you remember the one with Madge the manicurist? Her client would sit there with one hand soaking in a bowl of water with the Palmolive added to it. The idea was that Palmolive softened your hands, and softened cuticles right along with your hands.

The light bulb went off. I fixed a bowl of my favorite dish soap and let my hands soak for about 5 minutes. I dried one hand off and used my cuticle pusher on the other. I was really surprised that it worked so well. I discovered I don’t need the other stuff at all!

It made me think about other things I consider necessities that I don’t really need.

So…what’s in your cabinet that you can live without?


P.S.  More about Madge: http://www.tvacres.com/admascots_madge.htm

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