Homemade Tablecloth & Towels

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Last week I hit the jackpot at Hancock Fabrics.  The usual “senior discount” they offer on Wednesdays was bumped up from 10% to 25% AND it included all sale and clearance fabric.  I stocked up.

One of the fabrics I purchased was for one of my favorite bakers – Cake Livs – who is also my granddaughter.  She uses a cupcake for her logo, and while this isn’t exactly THE cupcake on her business card, I thought she’d love it.

FullSizeRender (5)

I decided to use the fabric for a tablecloth.  I used a decorative stitch to go around the edges and that was it.  What else could I do?

This weekend, I saw a package of twelve flour sack towels at Sam’s Club for around $12.  I’d been eyeing them for myself, but once I got them home, I had the idea to cut some of the cupcakes from the tablecloth and applique them on the towels.

Here’s the finished product.


Cost analysis:

Less than $5 for the fabric
$2.00 for the towels
Total:  Around $7

I could have personalized this a bit and used my basic sewing machine to add “Cake Livs” to the towels, but the fabric is so thin that it caused problems.  I think she’ll like it anyway.




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