Book Review: Aftermath – A Story of Survival

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Aftermath Story of Survival

I recently finished reading Aftermath – A Story of Survival, by Leann Edmondson, and was blown away by the information she uses in telling the story.  In the Acknowledgements, the author gives thanks to her fans who helped her shape this story over the course of the year with weekly installments.   I believe this has allowed her to stretch outside her area of knowledge (and wonderful imagination!) and incorporate the ideas of others who add to it.  What a great idea!

Leann tells the story of Jimmy, who recognizes when IT happens and leaves work immediately for his bug out location (BOL).  Equipped with almost a full tank of gas, a bug out bag and a stocked bug out location as his destination, he walks away from everything familiar.  Jimmy’s military training helps him tremendously because he’s been trained to observe and be prepared. Of course it can’t be as simple as just getting in the car and driving to his remote location. Jimmy has to change his mode of transportation as well as his route and he has to decide what’s important along the way.   Before he gets to his stocked BOL, he meets the Captain and his daughter, Amie, and the three of them decide they have to trust each other if either “camp” is going to survive.

LeAnn does a wonderful job weaving a love story into this strange world of survival.   She also shows the actions of desperate men and how they may represent themselves as religious zealots to earn the trust of others. This novel is packed with information that is helpful to the reader as you watch how Jimmy, Amie and others create a new world after their familiar one collapses.  The United Nations declares that there are no longer any formal state boundaries or laws.   It’s often a world of  “kill or be killed.”   It’s  “every man (and woman) for himself,” and you’ll see that if you haven’t planned ahead, are not aware of your surroundings and don’t rely on your instincts, there’s not much hope of survival.


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