Covering a Lanyard

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I needed a lanyard and found a tutorial on how to make one.   I planned to go buy the necessary hardware the next day but then remembered the stash of lanyards we had from different trade shows we had attended.

In this first one, I simply cut 44-45″ fabric in a 2″ strip.  I folded it in half, and then folded each “half” into the center.  This makes the finished piece of fabric about 1″ wide.   As I sewed it (because I hate using pins if I don’t have to,) I folded one of those raw pieces over the raw edge on the other side so it wouldn’t fray.    Once I had that strip sewn down the middle,  I cut the hardware from the lanyard I had, and folded the ends around it.  I put a couple of rows of stitches near the hardware to make sure it stayed put.

On this second one,  I cut it just like the bluish one, but this time I wrapped the fabric around the nylon lanyard from the trade show.  I didn’t cut the hardware off.  Then I did a zigzag stitch down the middle.    This was to help avoid fraying.  I didn’t bother folding in the edge because I decided that if it’s not going to be tossed around in the washer, it wouldn’t fray much anyway.     Next time, I will figure out a way to extend the pretty fabric so you don’t see any of the original black nylon.

The “before” picture of the free lanyard is below.  I guess I should apologize to Outdoor Channel for covering up their advertising, shouldn’t I?

Either way you choose to make them, I think these would be nice gifts for teachers or employees who have to use badges.   As for me, I think I can find lots of uses for them.  For one thing, I’m notorious for losing my keys.  If they are secure on a 22″ leash, maybe they will be harder to lose, or easier to find!

I found a package of 10 card holders for about $2 at Walmart in the office supply section, and they are pretty sturdy plastic so that I’m not worried about them tearing.

What kinds of things could you do with a lanyard?


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