Preserving Carrots

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About the only time I need carrots is when I’m cooking a roast, or making stew.  This week we were at Sam’s Club and decided to cook a roast for dinner.  The only problem was that I knew I needed to go to the grocery store and buy carrots.  Instead, I decided to spend about $6 for a huge package of carrots.  That’s how lazy I was feeling – I was ready to spend the extra money to avoid one more stop on the way home.

After I got dinner started in the pressure cooker, it occurred to me that I could can those carrots and have a supply for the next 10 times I needed them.   And that’s what I did.

The next day, I washed my canning jars and lids, peeled the carrots, and stood them up inside the jars.  I added water up to the line and a teaspoon of salt.  I wiped the rims, placed the lids on top, and processed them in my pressure cooker for 25 minutes.  (That’s what my cooker recipe recommended for carrots.)

Since I was using my Electric Pressure Cooker, I could only can four pints at a time, but I didn’t mind.  I had family visiting and we were spending a lot of time in or around the kitchen, so it didn’t matter.  The great thing about the electric one is that there IS no hissing!  You can’t even tell it’s working except for watching the numbers count down.   I ended up having enough carrots to can 12 pints!  That will get me through a dozen roasts.  Hallaleujah!


When I think of all the carrots I’ve wasted because they grew hair in the back of the fridge, it makes me sad!

Can I take just a moment here to tell you how much I LOVE this cooker?  I love it SO much more than my slow cooker!   I use it for just about everything, even if I don’t use the pressure.  Of course it is great for a last-minute roast because it only cooks under high pressure for 60 minutes and everything is ready except for the gravy.  I also use it to brown ground beef for tacos, and when it’s cooked, I can leave it on “warm,” for as long as I need while I’m preparing everything else.    The way I “discovered” them was watching something on the television, and I believe it was Wolfgang Puck who was selling his own brand.  He had about 8 cookers lined up with 8 different meals inside and it all looked so good, I knew I just had to check it out for myself.

I have been very pleased with my choice to buy the Cuisinart.  What a time saver … and what a money saver.  I think it has helped change my mindset about canning, because instead of dragging out my big canner and having to listen to that thing jiggle for 90 minutes, I can even can leftovers in this one without hearing anything.  That’s right.  No jiggling!!

For more information on canning, my friend, Daisy Luther has just written a canning book, The Organic Canner.   The review of that book is here.

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