Review: SunBell Solar LED Lamp & Cell Phone Charger

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When asked to review this product, I was very interested.  For one thing, I had been thinking about buying a cell phone charger, and the idea of a solar charger appealed to me more than just one more thing I have to plug in!

When I first received my SunBell Lamp, our weather was not cooperating.   We’d been experiencing nothing but cold and rainy weather for days.  Finally, after a week or so, I decided to just put the solar panel inside my window and see if it would pick up enough light to charge the lamp.  To my surprise, when I went back to check on it just a few hours later, the light came on.   I played around with all of the different things you can do with it, and then left it alone.  I went back the next day and the battery was still holding the charge.  I still had light.

The clouds finally parted and the sun came out.  I put the solar panel outside in the bright sunshine for a couple of hours and let it charge.   Since it was still daylight and I didn’t need the lamp, I decided to charge my cell phone.  As soon as I plugged it in to the SunBell, I heard the sound that tells me my phone is charging, and saw the symbol on the phone.  I was pretty impressed.   I left the phone plugged in for about an hour before I had to leave, and while it didn’t charge as quickly as when using electricity, it was still charging and the percentage was increasing.

I have already found quite a few uses for this lightweight lamp:

1.  It’s better than a flashlight when walking around outside at night because when using the lamp with the “bell,” it helps spread the illumination wider than my flashlight does.

2.  I can use it as a ceiling lamp, or a desk lamp.  Right now, it’s early in the morning and one of the bulbs is burned out in my ceiling lamp.  Before I got this SunBell, I was using a desk lamp to highlight my paperwork.  Now I’m using the SunBell with the lamp attached to the bottom of the solar panel.

3.  My sewing machine is also in my office with the burned out bulb!  Before, I either sewed during the day or with bad lighting at night!  If it got bad enough that I needed a lamp, I had to unplug my desk lamp and move it to the sewing table.  Now I use the SunBell and can aim the light right where I need it.

4.  In the evenings, I often am reviewing paperwork or working on a knitting project.   I can wear the lamp around my neck, and once again, point the light right where I need it.  The extra nice thing about this is that the light doesn’t disturb my husband.   I could also use it for late-night reading.

5.  I will absolutely take this with me when I’m traveling.  In the car or RV, the lamp will be helpful in trying to read at night, and when away from the car, I will have not only the light, but the cell phone charger.

I have not included all the manufacturer specifics in this review, but if you go to Amazon, you’ll see all the technical stuff as well as some very positive reviews from other users.  The SunBell is designed in Norway “for a world where people see new possibilities.”  BRIGHT Products has a mission to turn the world on through smart, simple and sustainable power solutions.   You can read more about them at

I am just thrilled to have this lamp/charger in my home, and it’s something I’ll be using every day.   It would also make a great gift because there are just so many uses.    I may even have to buy one for my husband because I’m not sure I’m going to be willing to share!

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