Review: The Organic Canner by Daisy Luther

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Today I want to review The Organic Canner, by Daisy Luther.

First of all, I just love the cover of this book.  It just has such a natural look to it that makes it very inviting.  Looks like something grandma might have had in her stash of cookbooks.     When I opened the book and saw hand drawings to go along with the foods,  I was really hooked.  Anyone…well, just about anyone, can take a picture and add it to a recipe.  Just like I’m pasting a picture of the book here!  I wondered if Daisy had drawn the pictures herself (and it wouldn’t have surprised me if she had!), but she gives credit to her daughter, C. Morgan,  for the illustrations.  I just love the look and feel of the whole package, and I know you will, too.

Daisy Luther is someone I’ve followed for a long time.  She was a guest on my radio show a time or two and I found her to be very knowledgeable on whatever topic she discussed.   She’s not someone who just decided that prepping was a hot topic and she was going to jump into it.  Daisy is someone who lives it.  I enjoyed looking through the cookbook and knowing that Daisy was giving advice and instructions on something she’d actually done.  That means a lot to me.

I will have to say that I’ve never been afraid of canning like some people.  I grew up hearing that melodic hiss of the pressure cooker when my grandparents preserved foods grown in their own garden.    Growing up with it made it easy for me to do it myself when I had my own home.  The only disaster I’ve ever had was cooking beans.   The pressure was so great that it had to go somewhere and it blew right through the safety valve.  I had beans on the ceiling and the kitchen walls.  No one was hurt, and even that experience made me grateful that there IS a safety valve and nothing to be afraid of.  As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and don’t do anything crazy with the lid, you’ll be fine.

Being a veteran canner, I appreciated the ideas Daisy had for canning produce, but she also made me stop and think about how I might be canning foods that are otherwise going to waste.  I’m talking about the dreaded leftovers!    On occasion I have cut up leftover ham and put it in the freezer, only to forget about it and eventually have to throw it away.  Next time, I will put it in pint size jars and can, or bottle it.  It will come in so handy for ham sandwiches, omelettes, or seasoning green beans.  Why hadn’t I thought about that before?

Canning is such a wonderful way to not only preserve food, but by having the meat, or the “beast,” as Daisy calls it, already cooked, it really cuts down on the preparation time.   I often purchase 40# of chicken through Zaycon Foods, and instead of freezing it, I can it.   Whenever I need cooked chicken for chicken spaghetti, chicken enchiladas, or chicken and noodles, I can bypass the steps ofhaving to cook and debone a chicken.  That alone saves at least an hour.  When I’ve had a busy day and wonder, “What’s for dinner,” I always know there is chicken or ground beef available to plan my meal.

Daisy encourages you to “Declare your independence and free yourself from the toxic grocery store items that are masquerading as food.”  Amen to that.   The more we can do to get fresh, or even organic food straight from the farmer to our kitchens, the better off we will be.  Food today is NOT  what we ate as children.  For the food companies, it’s all about growing it the fastest and the biggest, and more often than not, that means genetically modifying it.  It’s no wonder that we, as a nation, are so sick.  We are expecting to get the nutrients we need from something that’s not real food to begin with.

I’m just delighted that I had the opportunity to review Daisy’s book and I definitely will be referring to it in the days to come.  In addition to the big pressure cooker I use for canning quart jars, I also have an  electric canner/cooker and it’s wonderful for canning four pint jars.   Just last week I canned about 12 pints of carrots as a result of reading Daisy’s book.     I can’t wait for that Easter ham so I can preserve the leftovers!


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